Romuald Valot
2022 Cuvée 21550 - Infusion de Pinot Noir
A bottle 2022 Cuvée 21550 - Infusion de Pinot Noir Red wine from Romuald Valot, Beaujolais in France

Product type

Red wine





Grape Variety

Pinot Noir


0.75 l


Romuald Valot

280,00 DKK

Romuald Valot


Romuald Valot has worked for his father in Burgundy for many years. But his refuge in Beaujolais ended up becoming permanent, as he learned that it allowed him to appreciate the important things in life. Although he was trained by his father in Hautes Côtes de Nuits, he does not make Burgundian wine – he makes Beaujolais. Romuald tries to recreate nature – free and wild – in the vineyard as well as in the bottle, and he would rather have a beautiful plot classified as Vin de France than vinify a soulless Cru wine.

Romuald Valot does not use pesticides when working in the vineyard but instead resorts to hard manual labour. It is all about knowing and respecting nature, and Romuald first and foremost sees himself as a farmer, whose main role is to produce the healthiest possible grapes to make the best possible wine.

The work in the cellar is also completely down to earth (well, below actually) and is based on generations of observations and handed down knowledge. Today, Romuald continues to observe the wine and sees each vintage as a new adventure and a new experience. In combination with an excellent terroir the result is frankly great wine. They are extremely bright and elegant, but at the same time complex and with lots of ageing potential.

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