Azienda Agricola Ajola was founded by Jacopo Battista from Italy and Patricia Nelson from Australia, who have worked at Le Coste and Cantina Giardino respectively. Today, Jacopo has taken over the vineyard that is located between Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria, in the hills between Orvieto and Bolsena.

Here Jacopo makes charming, rustic and easily drinkable wines, but the foundation of the project is more than just making wine. Azienda Agricola Ajola stems from Jacopo’s desire to build a farm that in all its design, both practical and cultural, provides a comprehensive alternative to industrial agriculture and the way of life that comes with it. In his own words he makes “vini contadini” just like farmers from previous generations who cultivated their land with conscience and respect. In the cellar he works without additives, including sulphur, and does not fine nor filter before bottling.

Products from Ajola