Andrea Scovero


In the small village of Bionso in Asti, with about 100 inhabitants, Andrea Scovero is one of ten winemakers. Taught by his grandfather, he is the fourth generation to cultivate the six hectares that today make up the vineyard in Piedmont with the simple purpose of making wine that he himself would like to drink.

When Andrea took over the vineyard over 20 years ago, he converted to natural wine production. He is a quiet artisan with a modest production that stubbornly goes for quality rather than profit. He works carefully with his soil, and the wines express the humility with which he approaches things. The vineyards face south and southwest on very steep slopes and include Barbera, Nebbiolo and Dolcetto as well as a bit of Sauvignon Blanc. Andrea works both in the classical way, as his grandfather taught him, but also experiments continuously by for example using amphora.

All labels are made by a friend and artist who tries to paint Andreas Scovero’s ideas and reflections about what is in the bottle. Andrea experiments with orange wine made from Sauvignon Blanc aged in amphora, while the reds are more classic with an intense and pure fruit, good minerality and an unmistakable aroma of Piedmont.

Products from Andrea Scovero