Jean-Claude Lapalu


Jean-Claude Lapalu’s family has grown grapes in Beaujolais and sold them to the local cooperative for several generations, and in 1982 Jean-Claude also started growing and selling grapes himself. In 1996, he rented his first facilities for winemaking, and since then he has been producing and selling wines under his own name.

Jean-Claude Lapalu has previously been known for a rather powerful and dark wine style, but in recent years he has moved towards a lighter style with less extraction. His wines exhibit concentration, structure, and depth, but at the same time have an enormous juiciness and lightness that makes them very straightforward and easy to drink. In the cellar, work is carried out without cultured yeast, fining or filtration and only a minimal amount of sulphur is added to a few selected cuvées, while the rest are bottled completely without it.

Products from Jean-Claude Lapalu