Domaine Goepp


Domaine Goepp was established in the 1950s and its vineyards span across three municipalities in Alsace at the foot of Mont Sainte-Odile: Barr, Bernardswiller and Heiligenstein. Today, Clément and Sylvain are third generation to be in charge of the domaine.

The two brothers work extremely meticulously in the vineyards, which are of course organically certified, although the wines are not. The vines are all between 30 and 60 years old and the soil consists of clayey limestone giving wines that are both juicy and straightforward.

Clément and Sylvain vinify without additives and sulphur to allow the fruit and its terroir to be expressed in the best possible way. “Our wines are grapes, and that’s it!”, as they put it. The two brothers, who are also part of the very sympathetic project Les Vins Pirouettes under the expert guidance of Christian Binner, show great potential already at a young age, and we are excited see Domaine Goepp’s potential unfold in the future.

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