Els Vinyerons


Els Vinyerons emerged in 2014 as a collaboration between Amós Bañeres and Alex Ruiz Masachs. Alex has studied oenology and is a fourth-generation cava producer with the responsibility of running a large and well-established family business. He spends all his free time on his hobby project Els Vinyerons. Amós is a pharmacist by trade but got tired of medicine and decided to make wine from vineyards planted by his grandfather. He now splits his time between his own vineyards and Els Vinyerons.

The mission is as clear as the formula is simple: Above anything else making wine that they want to drink themselves. This presupposes a careful selection of the vineyards, a strict focus on unique terroirs planted exclusively with local grape varieties, no unnecessary intervention in the cellar and zero added sulphur. The wines are serious with lots of structure and precision yet with enough finesse and lightness to go quickly down the hatch.

Products from Els Vinyerons