Maison des Saules


Ever since first tasting the wines from Maison des Saules, we were convinced that this is a domaine with great potential. Even though Marc Lacroix and Anne Cécile Daubigney have just gotten started as winemakers, their ambitions, dedication and persistence are all very evident. We feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to see this talent unfold over the next several years.

Marc and Anne Cécile are both trained sommeliers and have also worked for Thomas Pico in Chablis and for Francois Rousset-Martin in Jura. But the couple were eager to start making their own wine and thus acquired four hectares in Villeneuve-sous-Pymont, Savagna and L’Étoile. Marc and Anne Cécile are of the firm belief that wine is first and foremost made in the vineyard, meaning that they spend endless hours tending to the soil and the vines with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The cellar of Maison des Saules is located in the village of Perrigny along with another small cellar in Chille, where their Savagnin ages for 36 months. The wines both ferment and age in old oak barrels following a low intervention approach. Marc and Anne Cécile uses impeccable craftsmanship and the utmost respect for the grapes and the area to produce their wines. They are vibrant and unadorned and frankly a joy to drink.

Products from Maison des Saules