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Near Bologna in a beautiful and ancient wine region called Colli Bolognesi, Vigneto San Vito has been producing wines for about 50 years. The magnificent hilly landscape, where wine production dates back to the Middle Ages, was known for many years to produce excellent wines before the local grapes and their humble appellations were left out of consideration by consumers.

After buying the land in 2005 and converting it to biodynamic farming, Federico and Carola Orsi have been on a mission to put the region back on the map. The philosophy behind San Vito is that a biodynamic approach makes for more original wines that better express where they come from. The soil is not fertilized or irrigated, but instead ancient techniques are used to improve the topsoil from year to year. Federico also embraces the idea of biodiversity and grows his own vegetables on the farm, just like pigs and sheep roam around.

In the cellar, Federico always experiments and lets the wines ferment and age in several types of casks in countless ways. However, the transformation from grape to wine must always be done in the most natural way, which requires accepting the unpredictability that comes with it. The ultimate goal is always the same: Making wines that are honest, flavourful and true to their origins. In other words, the kind of wines that you want to drink every single day.

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