Laura Aillaud


Laura Aillaud’s domaine is located in Luberon, where the vineyards of Vallée du Rhône meet the vineyards of Provence. Laura is originally a sommelier by education, but changed tracks, took a degree in viticulture and oenology and subsequently worked for Jean-Christophe Comor from Les Terres Promises, where she gained practical experience with organic vineyard work and minimal intervention in the cellar.

Consequently, working organically in the vineyards and using a minimum of sulphur in the cellar has been a matter of course from the beginning for Laura when she started her own project. Likewise, she rarely ploughs, as she does not consider it necessary and when she rarely does, it is by the use of horse. Laura Aillaud’s wines are unmistakably Southern French, but with a juiciness and a feminine touch that makes them incredibly easy to drink.

Products from Laura Aillaud