Glasbläserei Zünd


“We are a wine importer, not a hardware store,” has always been our answer when we have been asked if Lieu-dit should start selling wine glasses. This stance has now changed, however, as we have fallen head over heels for Swiss Reto Zünd and his wonderfully imperfect wine glasses. Freehand mouthblown from a single piece of extremely durable Pyrex glass. All of our other glasses have been put to shame, and Zünd is now the only glass we use when tasting wines. And now we also sell the glasses so that more people can enjoy them.

We sell the glass in one size, simply because we think it’s perfect for everything. Ditch the idea of filling your cupboard with eight different types of glasses, and instead spend your money on one fantastic glass.

The Zünd wine glasses have a slightly thicker glass than the current trend of extremely thin glasses, but it is still surprisingly light. It doesn’t break when you polish it, and it is extremely durable even in the dishwasher. The glass has the standard dimensions of 22-23 cm tall, 10 cm in diameter at the thickest point and a weight of 95 grams. But no two glasses are the same, precisely because Reto does not use moulds, but works 100% freehand. The small imperfections and differences between each glass are part of the charm of the Zünd glasses, which also means that you quickly find your own favourite glass.

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