Domaine de La Patelle


In 2018, after having produced wine barrels for 12 years, Pascal Thereau decided that he wanted to get closer to the winemaking itself. He started wine school in Beaune while taking up work for Stéphane Tissot in Arbois. In 2021, Pascal got hold of his first hectare, and Domaine de la Patelle could see the light of day.

Today, six hectares belong to the domaine in Arbois, which includes all the well-known Jura varieties: Chardonnay and Savagnin from limestone soil and marl as well as Trousseau, Pinot Noir and Poulsard from clay and limestone soil, all grown organically. In the cellar, Pascal works with as little intervention as possible, including spontaneous fermentation. Both fermentation and aging happen in the same container, which varies from wine to wine and includes oak barrels, amphora or a diamond-shaped container.

The reds have a relatively dark expression, while still being juicy and with the familiar Jura reduction. The whites are acidic, precise and really well crafted. All in all, it is easy to spot where Pascal Thereau has been taught how to make wine.

Products from Domaine de La Patelle