Sous le Végétal


The men behind Sous le Végétal are Jason Ligas and Patrick Bouju from Domaine la Bohéme. On the beautiful Greek volcanic island of Samos one and a half kilometers from the coast of Turkey, the two have set on a mission to bring out the best in the local grape variety Muscat de Samos (Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains).

The vines grow in the village of Pagondas at the foot of Mount Karvounis exposed to both the sun and the sea breeze. completely avoid the industrial methods that are generally prevalent in Greece, and instead carry out extensive work in the vineyard to ensure that the soil is healthy, just as harvest is done by hand. They work according to biodynamic and organic principles, even though they are not certified, using herbs and natural oils to protect their vines.

Traditional methods like spontaneous fermentation are used in the cellar where there is also no use of sulphur or other technical aids such as fining. Sous le Végétal produces three different kinds of wines. Livia is vinified in wooden barrels, Octave in amphora and Hüpnos in stainless steel with long maceration. The aim is to show the different expressions that Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains can have. Despite being a very aromatic grape this is countered by a deep minerality that gives additional complexity to these refreshing and easily drinkable wines.

Products from Sous le Végétal