Domaine Christian Binner


Christian Binner is a trailblazer in Alsace. His vineyard is located in Ammerschwihr near Colmar and has been owned by the family since 1770. Today, the family vineyard stretches across approximately 11 hectares of land, including plots on the Grand Cru vineyards Kaefferkopf, Schlossberg and Wineck-Schlossberg.

Christian is extremely committed to his terroir, the history of the region and the art of natural winemaking, and he has helped pave the way for a whole generation of young winemakers in Alsace who have committed to making wine without additives. The vineyards are cultivated organically and according to biodynamic principles, the yield is small, and the harvest takes place relatively late to achieve full maturity and to let the terroir shine through. The wines ferment spontaneously without the addition of sulphur, chaptalization, fining or filtration. Christian Binner makes a range of extremely vibrant wines with great complexity and aromatic intensity.

Up until 2023, Christian Binner has also been involved in a project where he has guided young winemakers in producing fun, affordable and refreshing wines under the name of Les Vins Pirouettes.

Products from Domaine Christian Binner