Pierre Gröger


Pierre Gröger was previously owner of the bistro Chez Cézanne in Colmar, just as he has worked for Zind Humbrecht and is today employed by Bruno Schueller in Husseren-les-Châteux. His own project came into existence in 2020 when he inherited a modest 0.3 hectares of Riesling vineyards located between Hattstatt and Obersmorschwihr. While his parents delivered the grapes to a cooperative until their retirement, Pierre saw it as an opportunity to make his own wine as a side project. Even though it is a microscopic production, his approach is extremely ambitious and is based on Bruno Schueller’s methods, including extensive and time-consuming vineyard work.

The result is grapes of an excellent quality, which gives the best conditions for Pierre to work with minimal intervention in the cellar including no added sulphur. Pierre Gröger produces vibrant and completely unadorned wine, but its precision also reveals an experienced winegrower who knows what he is doing.

Products from Pierre Gröger