Andrea Calek


Andrea Calek deserted from the Czech army in 1989 and lived a wandering life for a few years, until meeting legendary winemaker Guy Breton from Beaujolais that got him into the world of wine. After several jobs working for various farmers like Domaine Hauvette in Provence, which he helped to convert from ecology to biodynamics, he ended up in Ardèche, where he had the opportunity to make wine from about five hectares of Gérald Austric’s vineyards (Le Mazel).

Andrea calls himself lazy, but he underplays his own efforts. The vineyard work has always been impeccable, and although the cellar work is probably laissez-faire, there is always plenty of reflection behind what he does. Fining, filtration, sulphur and other forms of additives are banned. He is gradually moving completely away from the use of carbonic maceration, even though he is known to be one of the best producers to master this technique outside of Beaujolais. While many wines that are made this way often have a very clear imprint of the vinification itself, Andrea Calek manages to make wines where the fruit and the terroir really show through.

Products from Andrea Calek