Tutti Frutti Ananas


Tutti Frutti Ananas is a collaboration between Manuel de Vecchi Staraz from Vinyer de la Ruca, Zé Tafé from La Cave des Nomades and Joachim Roque from Domaine Carterole that are all based in Banyuls-sur-Mer. Each one produces serious and structured wines under their own name from their own vineyards with extremely low yields and consequently high concentrations.

The goal of Tutti Frutti Ananas is to make a series of juicy, less concentrated and easily drinkable “glou glou” wines at affordable prices. The same high standards apply to the work in the vineyard as for their domain wines, but the yields are higher, the concentration lower and the wines much more refreshing and straightforward. In the cellar the wines ferment spontaneously, sulphur is not added to most cuvées and fining, filtration and casks are banned.

Products from Tutti Frutti Ananas