Bourgoin Cognac


Bourgoin Cognac is a bit of a rarity – a small family-run Cognac estate that insists on going their own way in stark contrast to the major Cognac brands. The estate, which is located in the village of Saint Saturnin in Charente, was founded in 1933, when Leon Marcel Bourgoin planted the first vines of Ugni Blanc. Today, Frédéric Bourgoin is at the helm. He is determined to move beyond Cognac’s dusty image and to make Cognac that stems from nature and the people behind the estate to create his very own style. His Cognacs are handmade, vibrant and authentic and originate from a desire to do everything yourself and to do things right.

In order to succeed with his ambitious project, Frédéric has rethought the entire practice behind the Cognac making process. The grapes are grown, vinified, distilled and aged depending on each individual one and with a completely uncompromising approach. This means no filtrations, colouring or added sugar, and all work is done by hand. Moreover, each Cognac is split into vintage, plot and barrel. Around 20,000 bottles are produced annually, which means that the family can closely monitor the development of each one. The Cognacs are produced with both love and attention to detail and offer everything that the big Cognac houses do not – they are personal, unique and handcrafted.

Products from Bourgoin Cognac