Domaine de Saint Pierre


Domaine de Saint Pierre is run by Fabrice Dodane, who was born and raised in Arbois. He started as a manager of the domaine in 1989 and took over the place when the previous owner died in 2011. Under Fabrice’s management, the domaine’s six hectares in Arbois and Côte du Jura have all been converted to organic farming, and the ever-increasing quality of the grapes has enabled Fabrice to use minuscule amounts of sulphur in the cellar or to omit it completely. The result is simply dramatic. Domaine de Saint Pierre’s wines have undergone a huge transformation over the past few years and are to this day some of the finest that Arbois has to offer. In addition, he produces a number of extremely well-made and easily drinkable négociant wines from purchased grapes under the name of Fabrice Dodane.

Products from Domaine de Saint Pierre