Restaurant sales

All employees at Lieu-dit have a long-standing background in the restaurant business, and we know the importance of trust in the collaboration between importer and restaurant. We have plenty of opinions about wine, but we always take the preferences of our customers as our starting point.

Whether you are looking for a very specific producer, want a broad introduction to our portfolio, inspiration for your existing wine list or sparring to build a brand-new wine list from scratch, we are ready to help.

Our portfolio is quite extensive and broad in styles, but it usually only takes an introductory conversation along with a focused tasting to find the right wines for your business together.

We also do monthly tastings for professionals within with the restaurant- and retail business. The tastings always take place at a restaurant in inner Copenhagen in the afternoon. Our tastings are quite casual and caters to both existing and potential new customers. We open approximately 20-30 wines and pour them for two hours, allowing you to drop in and taste the wines at your own pace.

Send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in being kept up to date about our trade tastings. On average, an email is sent once a month with the time, place and the tasting programme for the next tasting, along with a link to our latest price list. Nothing else! No newsletters, no spam and no updates on the latest wine that Robert Parker gave 100+ points.

Contact Lieu-dit
Jeppe Gustavsen
Owner, wholesale and accounting
+45 27 12 28 80
Philip Ladevig Laustsen
Owner and wholesale
+45 20 91 61 75
Kenneth Bellaire Frausing
Purchasing of wine
+45 26 95 36 86
Gustav Klint
Wholesale and business customers
+45 26 28 13 35
Johan Toft
+45 61 60 52 14
Casper Riddersborg
Web shop and private customers
+45 51 92 37 00
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