Jonas Dostert


Jonas Dostert is an extremely talented, energetic and passionate young man who goes his own way in an area where you rarely find vineyard work at his level. He works with low intervention in the cellar resulting in vibrant and lively energy bombs, which make you want to take another sip, while still containing an element of precision and seriousness.

Jonas Dostert belongs in Nittel in Obermosel, a stone’s throw from Luxembourg on the other side of the Mosel River, where he tends to his Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and not least the local grape Elbling with the greatest attention to detail on his modest 2.7 hectares. Elbling is a grape variety with high acidity and low alcohol, which possesses an enormous potential in the right hands, which we can say with great confidence that he fully manages to fulfil. In addition, Jonas has previously worked for Domaine Leflaive, where he gets most of his used Burgundy barrels from, which he sees as the perfect match for Elbling.

Jonas is a man with great ambitions, but even though he has had a clear vision for his project since the start in 2018, he is still in the process of getting to know his limestone terroir even better. In other words, Jonas Dostert has only just begun, and although the quality of his wines is already indisputable, we are convinced that there are even greater things in store for this young up-and-coming man.

Products from Jonas Dostert