Lieu-dits tasting boxes

A bottle  Efterår  from ,  in


The rain is pouring down, the temperature is falling and we are spending more and more time indoors. But you still need wine and that’s why we have put together this autumn tasting box. The wines match the weather and the food that is in season right now. The wines are predominantly reds that are all relatively dark while still being juicy. You will also find a rosé in the box, but this is similarly in a darker style. We have rounded down the price a bit for this tasting box.

1.000,00 DKK

A bottle  Vilde Vine  from ,  in

Vilde Vine

It is perhaps obvious just from seeing the labels and the colour, but this tasting box consists of wines with lots of personality. They are wild and require your full attention. Each one of them shows in its own way what wine can also be like. They are made with as little intervention as possible and completely without additives. The wines have neither been clarified nor filtered, making the natural sediment float freely around in the bottle. They are pure and made without manipulation. In other words, this tasting box is just the thing for you if you are looking for an experience out of the ordinary.

1.150,00 DKK

A bottle  Piemonte (Canonica, Gea & Busso)  from ,  in

Piemonte (Canonica, Gea & Busso)

A tasting box with some of Piedmont’s finest and a perfect Autumn companion. For many years, Giovanni Canonica has been one of Barolo’s best kept secrets, but the extremely high quality of his classic old school Barolos has made them some of Piedmont’s most coveted among connoisseurs. The quality of Fabio Gea’s wines is equally indisputable, and while respecting traditions they simultaneously test the boundaries to an extreme degree, which has made Fabio an icon in record time. Piero Busso is perhaps flying a bit under the radar, but that does not change the fact that he is one of the best Barbaresco producers there is. He makes traditional Barbaresco, but in a style that can easily be enjoyed young. We have rounded down the price a bit for this tasting box.

1.750,00 DKK

A bottle  The Hungries by Kaitlin Orr & Anders Husa  from ,  in

The Hungries by Kaitlin Orr & Anders Husa

This tasting box has been put together by Anders Husa and Kaitlin Orr and is filled with wines that they like to drink themselves at the moment. It is clear that Anders and Kaitlin love extremely refreshing and aromatic wines and this is an impressive selection if you ask us.

Members of The Hungries receive a special discount when using a code at check-out.

1.220,00 DKK

A bottle  Rød Bourgogne  from ,  in

Rød Bourgogne

We love juicy and unmanipulated red Burgundies. This tasting box give you a taste of six of our Burgundy producers, who all have in common that their quality is higher than you would expect from the appellation. In addition, all wines have fermented using 100% whole clusters and with only a little or no added sulphur. In general, lightness and elegance are keywords for these wines, while still offering both depth and complexity. We have rounded down the price a bit for this tasting box.

1.450,00 DKK

A bottle  Saint Pierre & Dodane  from ,  in

Saint Pierre & Dodane

Domaine de Saint Pierre’s wines have undergone a huge transformation over the past few years and are to this day some of the finest that Arbois has to offer. Since 2011, the domaine has been run by Fabrice Dodane, and the ever-increasing quality of the grapes has enabled Fabrice to completely omit the use of sulphur. 2020 is the best vintage we have tasted from his hands with a purity and precision that we have not seen before. Due to the very few bottles available, Domaine de Saint Pierre is not sold by the bottle and can only be purchased in a box of six, but we have rounded down the price a bit. Fabrice also produces a number of extremely well-made and easily drinkable from purchased grapes under the name of Fabrice Dodane, which can also be found in this box.

2.000,00 DKK

A bottle  Den Billige  from ,  in

Den Billige

It does not have to cost a lot of money to drink proper wine. That is the idea behind this tasting box, which consists of six wines that you can also afford at the end of the month. Common to all of them is that they are made with respect for their region and without unnecessary additives and shenanigans. We deliberately do not want to narrow down our choices and include wines from France, Italy and Spain, just as you can find sparkling, white, orange and red wines in the box. We have even adjusted the price so that apart from getting very reasonably priced wines you also save what is equivalent to a bottle of wine.

650,00 DKK