Tasting boxes

A bottle  Oktober  from ,  in


The rain is pouring down, the temperature is falling and we are spending more and more time indoors. But you still need wine and that’s why we have put together this autumn tasting box. The wines match the weather and the food that is in season right now. These reds are fruity and relatively dark while still being juicy and the whites are fresh and crisp. We have rounded down the price a bit for this tasting box.

1.100,00 DKK

A bottle  Orangevin  from ,  in

Orange wine

We have selected six different orange wines in this tasting box that each show what an orange wine can be like. The wines are made from a wide variety of grapes – well-known and lesser-known – and come from very different areas in France, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Australia. Common to all of them, however, is that these wines are in essence white wines made like red wines by leaving the must from the grapes in contact with the skins for a shorter or longer period to extract colour, tannin and aroma. We have rounded down the price for this tasting box.

1.000,00 DKK

A bottle  Den Billige  from ,  in

The Cheap One

The wines in this tasting box have in common that the price is at the lower end of our range. But apart from looking at the price, we have selected bottles that in our opinion really give you your money’s worth. The wines are made by incredibly skilled producers who work with respect for their region and without using unnecessary additives. On top of that, you get a discount that is equivalent to a bottle of wine, so it’s difficult to find a better buy anywhere else.

700,00 DKK

A bottle  Alsace  from ,  in


We have selected three of the greats from Alsace in this tasting box that all make naked and complex wines of an impressive quality. Gérard Schueller represents the most extreme Alsatian wine there is. Often the wines need time before they find their balance, but the 2020 Gewürztraminer Cuvée Particulière is ready to enjoy now – aromatic and volatile with great complexity and personality. 2018 Hinterberg Pinots from Christian Binner is juicy yet vibrant with great complexity and aromatic intensity made from several different Pinots – Noir, Blanc, Gris and Auxerrois. 2019 Riesling Grand Cru Zotzenberg from Domaine Rietsch is a convincingly balanced wine, slightly oxidative and lifted by its minerality and fresh acidity. You won’t find much better than these in all of Alsace.

700,00 DKK

A bottle  Let og læskende  from ,  in

Light and juicy

A collection of light and juicy red wines that are incredibly easy to drink in large gulps. They are free and untamed and perfect to be enjoyed in good company with a smile on your face. We have even rounded down the price a bit for this tasting box.

1.050,00 DKK

A bottle  Bourgogne  from ,  in


This tasting box contains a collection of wines from three incredibly talented non-interventionist Burgundian winemakers. Alexandre Jouveaux makes extremely sought-after vibrant wine that is tremendously pure, fresh and acidic while expressing both Chardonnay and the terroir of Mâcon in a very honest way. Pierre Mang – who is a friend of Alexandre Jouveaux by the way – works with a great deal of curiosity, honesty and humility. His wines are free and naked, but at the same time very serious with an enormous depth. We were completely blown away when we first visited Benoît Kilian from Domaine La Côtelette. His wines truly vibrate with energy and almost jump out of the glass. They are unpretentious and straightforward, yet deeply serious and vigorous.

1.050,00 DKK