Tasting boxes

A bottle  Sommer  from ,  in


A collection of wines that are the perfect companion for summer. White, orange, rosé and red wine in the extremely mouth-watering and thirst-quenching style from skilled farmers in France and Italy that work with a clear conscience. We’ve even rounded down the price for these six wines.

1.000,00 DKK

A bottle  Nyheder  from ,  in


When new wine arrives, we always have to do quality testing before we start selling them. Yes, it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it… Quite often we get very excited about what we are tasting, and this tasting box is full of bottles that fit into this category. In other words, these wines are ready to pop open now and be enjoyed in good company. We’ve even taken the top off the price for this tasting box.

1.200,00 DKK

A bottle  Loire  from ,  in


A collection of wines from the elongated wine region in western France, which is very strongly represented in our portfolio. This applies both to the number of producers, but indeed also to the quality of their wines. This tasting box contains three acidic white wines and three mouth-watering reds from six producers that in their own way each show how good the wines from the Loire Valley can be.

1.150,00 DKK

A bottle  Let & læskende  from ,  in

Light and juicy

A collection of light and juicy red wines that are incredibly easy to drink in large gulps. They are free and untamed and perfect to be enjoyed in good company with a smile on your face. We have even rounded down the price for this tasting box.

1.100,00 DKK

A bottle  Den Billige  from ,  in

The Cheap One

It doesn’t have to cost loads of money to drink proper wine. That is the idea behind this tasting box, which consists of six wines that you can also afford at the end of the month. Common to all of them is that they are made with respect for their region and without unnecessary additives and shenanigans. We deliberately do not want to narrow down our choices and include wines from France, Italy, Germany and Spain. We have even adjusted the price, so apart from these wines already being very reasonably priced, you even save a bit more.

650,00 DKK