Tasting boxes

A bottle  Nyheder  from ,  in


When new wine arrives, we always have to do quality testing before we start selling them. Yes, it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it… This tasting box is full of wines that have exited us in one way or another. In other words, they are ready to pop open and be enjoyed in good company.

1.300,00 DKK

A bottle  Alsace  from ,  in


Alsace is getting more and more attention, and rightly so, because you can find plenty of excellent wines in the region, while the prices haven’t soared. At the same time, we are immensely proud of the Alsace producers that we have in our portfolio and do not hesitate to place them among the best in the region. In this tasting box, we have selected a total of six different winemakers, which give you a great introduction to our selection, including a wine from Bruno Schueller, who produces some of the most sought-after Alsatian wine available, but in quantities that are way too small.

1.250,00 DKK

A bottle  6 for en tusse  from ,  in

We’ll decide

If you have a hard time deciding, just leave it to us. We have mixed 6 wines that will give you a good introduction to our portfolio. In this tasting box you will find bubbles, white wine, orange wine and red wine from France, Spain, Germany and Italy giving you something for every occasion. The wines are made by skilled winemakers, who know their craft, so you really get your money’s worth.

1.000,00 DKK

A bottle  Bobler  from ,  in


Fun, refreshing and colourful bubbles that will put a smile on your face. They are perfect as an aperitif, in good company, for a toast or simply for drinking. Cheers!

1.200,00 DKK

A bottle  Saftig rød  from ,  in

Juicy red

Three juicy reds of a very high quality from winemakers that are as passionate as they are skilled. Daniel Sage makes some of the most sought-after wines in our portfolio and for good reason. It is untamed and mouth-watering, but always with great aromatic complexity and endless drinkability (only sold in this tasting box). Miha and Tom of Absurde Genie des Fleurs make extremely refreshing and expressive wines near Bédarieux in the south of France. They always go down surprisingly fast, but never appear one-dimensional. Sébastien Châtillon from Ad Vinum in Gard makes super juicy and bright wine, which are lifted by a strong personal expression.

700,00 DKK

A bottle  Piemonte  from ,  in


Three wines from three cult producers in Piedmont. For many years, the extremely high quality of Giovanni Canonica’s old school Barolos has made them some of Piedmont’s most coveted among connoisseurs (only sold in this tasting box). The quality of Fabio Gea’s wines is also indisputable. While respecting traditions, they simultaneously test the boundaries to an extreme degree, which has made him an icon in record time. Piero Busso is perhaps flying a bit under the radar, but that does not change the fact that he is one of the best Barbaresco producers around. He makes traditional Barbaresco, but in a style that can easily be enjoyed young.

1.490,00 DKK