About Lieu-dit

Lieu-dit was founded by Jeppe Gustavsen and Philip Laustsen in 2009. From day one, we have focused on delivering wines to quality-conscious restaurants and wine bars in Denmark, and today our wines can be found among a wide selection of Danish top restaurants. Due to an ever-increasing demand from private customers, we also launched a web shop in 2020.

We come with many years of experience in the restaurant business and with our formative years spent drinking and serving classic wines. The company originally sprang from a passion for Burgundy and the area’s many unique terroirs. Hence the company name Lieu-dit, a term used primarily in Burgundy for a designated area defined by virtue of its historical significance or topography.

Since the company’s beginning in 2009, our portfolio has gradually evolved as our own preferences have moved towards the slightly wilder and more untamed, yet without ever letting go of our classic roots.

“Over the years, we have built a close and personal collaboration with all our winemakers and we are, with very few exceptions, the sole importer to the Danish market of all the wineries in our portfolio.”

Conscientious work in the vineyard and minimal intervention in the cellar is a recurring theme in our portfolio. We work with small producers who spend more time in the vineyard than behind the desk, and to whom wine is first and foremost meant to be drunk, shared and enjoyed.

Contact Lieu-dit
Jeppe Gustavsen
Owner, wholesale and accounting
+45 27 12 28 80
Philip Ladevig Laustsen
Owner and wholesale
+45 20 91 61 75
Kenneth Bellaire Frausing
Purchasing of wine
+45 26 95 36 86
Gustav Klint
Wholesale and business customers
+45 26 28 13 35
Johan Toft
+45 61 60 52 14
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