Paolo Vodopivec


Paolo Vodopivec is without a doubt one of the most serious and uncompromising winemakers we have ever met. He produces macerated white wines from the Vitovska grape variety from his vineyards in Carso between Slovenia and the Gulf of Trieste. The wines are made with great patience and attention both in the vineyard and in the cellar always exhibiting an enormous concentration, complexity and precision.

The vineyards are cultivated exemplary, but Paolo is not interested in certifications, as he demands more from his own work than what the empowered bodies do. The wines marked “Origine” macerate for three weeks in wooden barrels, after which they are aged for two to three years in large Slovenian oak barrels. The wines marked “Vitovska” and “Solo” macerate for 12 months in buried Georgian amphorae and are aged in the same way.

Paolo works entirely without the addition of sulphur, which he finds completely unnecessary when working carefully and patiently in the cellar. The wines of Paolo Vodopivec are a study in subtle elegance, deep aromatic complexity and an enormous drinkability despite their high concentration. They will require your full attention and will easily develop over the next 20+ years.

Products from Paolo Vodopivec