Jacopo Stigliano


Jacopo Stigliano is originally from Bologna but travelled Europe for fifteen years before settling in the hills of Emilia-Romagna. Here he searches for abandoned vineyards in Valsamoggia – a long and narrow valley between Bologna and Modena – to rediscover them and their ancient grape varieties.

Jacopo is working on a completely unique project, and the vines, which are up to 100 years old, grow on the slopes among trees, flowers and shrubs at an altitude of 2-300 meters. The three hectares of vineyards include at least 12 white and eight red varieties, and all work is done by hand, just as the soil – which has been untouched for many years – is not cultivated. Instead, Jacopo sustains the natural ecosystem, which is more reminiscent of a forest than a vineyard to give life to the plants and ultimately the wines. The soil is a mixture of clay and limestone filled with stones that give the wines a pronounced minerality.

All grapes are harvested, fermented and aged together to show respect for this ancient Italian tradition. Jacopo Stigliano firmly believes that the wine is made in the vineyard, which is why he refrains from using technological aids and instead bottles the wines unfiltered and completely without additives. The wines are complex and unique with a noticeable touch of terroir.

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