Il Mortellito


Dario Serrentino runs the family farm Il Mortellito in Val di Noto in the southeasternmost part of Sicily. He has previously sold his grapes to Frank Cornelissen and Lamoresca among others but started making his own wine in 2014. The soil is made up of limestone, the work in the vineyard is carried out extremely carefully, and despite being far south, Dario’s wines offer both freshness and acidity.

In the cellar Dario makes use of spontaneous fermentation, very gentle extraction, and no wooden casks, as he aims for the purest and most unmanipulated expression as possible. A minimal amount of sulphur is added before bottling to stabilize the wine. The wines are very far from the dark and alcoholic style that could be expected this far south. Il Mortellito’s expression is light, elegant, and extremely easy to drink.

Products from Il Mortellito