Edoardo Sacchetto


Edoardo Sacchetto is a man who believes in being inspired by people and ideas across countries and cultures. This ranges from Hindu philosophy to biodynamics, just as he has been to Wales to study alternative technologies. In other words, Edoardo approaches life as well as winemaking with an open mind while simultaneously taking a stand.

In 2016, Edoardo Sacchetto decided to become a winemaker in Veneto and started Az Agricola Ananda. He rented some elevated vineyards in Colli Euganei and planted the first vines with help from his father. While waiting for the plants to grow, he worked in a bistro in Padua, where the owner introduced him to both natural wine and several producers. Edoardo ended up working for
Domaine des Miquettes and Domaine Rietsch gaining experience about natural winemaking. 2020 became the first vintage that he released under his own name.

Edoardo’s two-hectare vineyards are located at an altitude of 200 meters, and the soil is a mixture of clay, limestone and mineral volcanic rock. Garganega, Merlot, Moscato Giallo, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grow here, which are hand-harvested from early September to early October.

In the cellar, the wines ferment spontaneously with natural yeast, just as additives are a no-go. Edoardo uses different approaches (direct press, maceration, de-stemming, whole clusters etc.) depending on the type of wine that he wants to make, which is always determined by the grape and its terroir. All of this is guided by the moon’s orbit as well as other biodynamic principles. Edoardo Sacchetto makes intense, full-bodied and concentrated wines that are both fresh and juicy at the same time.

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