Fond Cyprès


In 1998, Laetitia Ourliac and Rodolphe Gianesini took over an 18-hectare vineyard in Escales, located in the appellation Corbières in Languedoc. Since their first Fond Cyprès-vintage in 2002 they have had a firm focus on the work in the vineyard which is today certified organic.

Laetitia and Rodolphe are close friends with Burgundy’s Frédéric Cossard, who has been a great help and source of inspiration in their efforts to produce pure and elegant wines without the addition of sulphur during vinification. In an area with a long tradition of mixing several different grapes, Laetitia and Rodolphe have instead chosen to make wines where each one expresses a single grape variety coming from one specific terroir. Fond Cyprès produce wine with lots of fruit, concentration and structure, but at the same time with a lightness and juiciness that suits them particularly well.

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