Muri is a non-alcoholic alternative to wine originating from the gastronomic community in Copenhagen and especially the city’s expertise in fermentation. Muri blends a wide range of fermentations with other ingredients, while at the same time using culinary techniques to achieve a balance between elements such as acidity, tannin, body and structure. It is an extremely ambitious approach to layering together a fermented drink with the same depth and complexity as a good wine.

Muri was founded in 2020 by Murray Paterson after having worked as a distiller at the groundbreaking Empirical Spirits and was later joined by Ioakeim Goulidis after a spell at the Noma Fermentation Laboratory. The two are devoted to the highest possible quality working only with small-scale farmers and foraging botanicals in the nearby forests.

In the same way that fermentation is the starting point for making wine, it is the starting point for Muri. In that process, Murray & Ioakeim are obsessed with developing flavours to change the perception of non-alcoholic beverages. Their fermented drinks are ideal companions to food and a progressive approach to the traditional wine pairing but can also easily be enjoyed on their own.

Products from Muri