The Other Right

Adelaide Hills

The Other Right was founded by Alex Schulkin and Galit Shachaf in 2012 with the ambition of making unpretentious and unmanipulated wines without modern shenanigans. The grapes come primarily from the Adelaide Hills and nearby regions, and as of 2016, Alex and Galit have been able to buy grapes exclusively from farmers who are 100% sustainable.

The cellar work is hands-off, low-tech and completely without added sulphur throughout the process. Alex and Galit do not take themselves too seriously, nor do they expect their wines to be taken seriously, even though they exhibit an impressive quality as well as a fine balance between precision and lightness. These wines are made with passion and joy with the aim of creating a similar experience in the glass.

The slightly cryptic name has a double meaning to it. It partly stems from Galit’s occasional difficulties in distinguishing between right and left, while also being a comment to the more conventional winemakers who over time have told them that they do not make wine the way they should. Personally, they do not consider their approach to winemaking as wrong, however. It is just “The Other Right”.

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