Aia Vecchia


Aia Vecchia saw the light of day in 2009, when Fabrizio Niccolaini chose to sell Massa Vecchia. The idea was to retire and create his own smaller but more personal project. Here, a single wine is made from Pinot Noir, but Fabrizio also produces cheese and vegetables and owns chickens and pigs as well. The purpose of it all is to live a good, worthily and self-sufficient life.

The approach to the wine production is the same as at Massa Vecchia, where Fabrizio returned to the management in 2019, but the two projects are kept separate. Fabrizio has chosen to work with Pinot Noir only because he sees the microclimate in this part of Tuscany as optimal for the grape – although it also requires a lot of work. The vines grow at an altitude of 700 meters from limestone soil. The maceration takes place in whole clusters with natural yeast in small stone vats and without added sulphur. After that the wine is aged for three years before only around 1000 bottles are bottled annually.

Products from Aia Vecchia