Brice Martin


It finally happened! Burgundy producer Brice Martin’s almost unobtainable wines are finally in Denmark. And if you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of him before, that’s actually not so strange.

Brice is a humble, down to earth man, who we have been in touch with for years, and who has welcomed us with open arms when we have paid him a visit. But we had to wait for the exact right time before we could get our hands on part of his extremely small production of only 2,000 bottles per year. It finally happened with vintage 2022, when Brice suddenly wrote us and asked if we were still interested in his wines, and we feel both grateful and privileged to have now brought them to the Danish market.

Wine production is not Brice’s livelihood, but rather a side business to his actual vineyard work for Jean-Marc Millot in Nuits-Saint-Georges. And this is actually not a bad thing, as it gives Brice the freedom to make wine exactly the way he wants to, without worrying about other people’s expectations or what the market demands. Brice owns around 0.5 hectares, spread over several small plots in Côte de Nuits, which are cultivated with great insight and precision. In the cellar in Comblanchien, the recipe is whole bunch fermentation, aging in old barriques, zero sulphur during vinification and aging as well as only a microdose at bottling. For his rarest cuvée Damacana, each grape is cut from the stem with scissors, has macerated for two months and is then aged in dame-jeanne.

For most people Brice Martin goes completely under the radar due to his very modest production but make no mistake – we are dealing with a gem in Burgundy that makes wine of an extremely high quality. They are serious with a good amount of concentration, but at the same time juicy and completely pure and balanced.

Unfortunately, we do not have any products in stock from this producer at the moment.

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