Franco Terpin


Franco Terpin comes from the hilly landscape of Friuli close to the Slovenian border. The family has been in possession of the farm for several decades, which originally housed cattle, but a transition to wine production resulted in the domain’s first vintage in 1994.

Today, the vineyard consists of 12 hectares, which are both owned and leased and also include plots on the other side of the border. Most vineyards are southwest-facing and belong to the municipalities of San Floriano and Monte Calvario at an altitude of about 150 meters. The vineyard work is done in respect of nature and its cycles with inspiration in biodynamics, and the first wines were fully organically certified in 2011.

Franco Terpin produces some of the most unique macerated white wines (orange wines) in Italy. They are natural and rustic, and the vinification takes place with as little interference as possible. This means naturally occurring yeast, no fining or filtration and a minimal or no addition of sulphur.

Products from Franco Terpin