Laurent Saillard


After many years as a restaurateur in New York, Laurent Saillard returned to his native France in 2008. Laurent began working for Loire-producer Noëlla Morantin where he learned about working in the vineyard and in the cellar from scratch. In 2012, Laurent made his first vintage under his own name, which was only a single cask with Sauvignon Blanc, but since then things have gained momentum.

When Didier Barouillet decided to close the legendary Clos Roche Blanche in 2014, Laurent was ready to take over. The old vines stand on an elevated plateau surrounded by forest and segregated from other farmers with a less conscientious approach to work in the vineyard. Laurent made the first vintages in Noëlla’s cellar, but the increase in production made it necessary for him to get his own cellar, where he could handle the larger volume.

Laurent Saillard is a pleasure to work with and first and foremost he makes sure that things are always in order. He is both curious, listening and confident, but will always say his honest opinion when he is not happy about his own wines. In the cellar, work is done with minimal intervention, spontaneous fermentation, zero added sulphur, no fining or filtration as well as ageing in old barrels or vats. The style is juicy and mouth-watering, but always with an element of something more serious. It is never just “glou-glou”-wine, but certainly wine that invites you to open another bottle.

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