Domaine de la Cadette


Since planting their first vineyards in 1987, Jean and Catherine Montanet have been one of the main forces behind the revitalization of Vézelay as a wine region. The project began as a “cave cooperative”, but in 1999 Jean broke out of the cooperative and established Domaine de la Cadette creating the best possible basis for making unvarnished wines that best reflect the terroir of Vézelay.

Today, the family runs three separate companies, all of which produce wines according to the same basic principles (see La Sœur Cadette and Domaine Montanet-Thoden). Domaine de la Cadette is run by Jean and Catherine’s son Valentin, who continues the philosophy founded by his parents. The vineyards are certified organic, and he intervenes as little as possible in the cellar meaning no fining or filtration and a minimal addition of sulphur before bottling.

Domaine de la Cadette make high-quality Burgundian wines that are still affordable, which is becoming a bit of a rarity. The wines are generally characterized by their elegance, precision and minerality. Many of the cuvées are exclusively aged in steel tanks and some in old barriques.

Products from Domaine de la Cadette