Piero Busso

Societá Agricola Piero Busso was founded by Piero’s father in 1953, who also planted the Nebbiolo, which today surrounds their home. Today, Piero, his wife and two children take care of the wine production and all the tasks that come with it.

The Barbarescos come from vineyards in Albesani, Mondino, Gallina (Neive) and in San Stunet (Treiso), all of which have an optimal exposure to the sun and ideal soils. Piero Busso has a natural and holistic approach to winemaking and works organically in the vineyard, although he is only certified from the 2019 vintage. Most work is done by hand including harvest, where the grapes are placed in small boxes to protect them as much as possible before they are destemmed.

In the cellar, each vineyard is vinified individually to be true to its individual terroir. No chemicals or industrial additives are added, and instead natural yeast controls the process. The maceration period is usually slow and lasts up to 60 days. The wine is then aged in large oak barrels (botti) before being bottled without being fined or filtered.

The elevated vineyards of Neive are known for Barbarescos with soft tannins, elegant texture and serious depth, and although Piero Busso makes traditional Barbaresco, it is in a style that can easily be enjoyed young.

Products from Piero Busso