Bruno Duchêne


Before settling in Banyuls-sur-Mer, Bruno Duchêne was as a distributor of wild mushrooms in Loire. Today he cultivates about four hectares of vineyards, spread over four different plots in Collioure and Banyuls close to the Spanish border. The vineyards are difficult to access and very difficult to mechanize, but in return the climate close to the Mediterranean is ideal for cultivation without spraying with copper against mildew.

Bruno is best known for producing three dry red wines, La Luna, La Pascole and L’Anodine, all made primarily from Grenache and with a bit of Carignan. But since the soil conditions are the same throughout the vineyards (slate), Bruno Duchêne makes three different cuvées based on different approaches in the vineyards instead. In some vineyards the grass grows wild, others are partially ploughed and some are so difficult to access that all work must be done by hand. In the cellar, Alberto works without cultured yeast, fining, filtration or added sulphur. The result is refined and vibrant wines that offer great freshness.

Products from Bruno Duchêne