Cantina Furlani

Alto Adige

Matteo Furlani is a fourth-generation winemaker who makes wine at an altitude of 700 meters above Trento in Alto Adige. Matteo has studied agriculture and has had a goal of cultivating the land as naturally as possible from the beginning. Chemistry has never been part of the family’s way of working, but Matteo has adopted an even more uncompromising style based on biodynamic methods.

Cantina Furlani’s small plots are spread around the slopes of the Dolomites surrounding the village of Povo, which are cared for to ensure proper ventilation and exposure to the sun. Here you will find local varieties such as Lagarino, Verdarbara and Nosiola, but also Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Harvest is done manually, and the grapes are carefully placed in small boxes before destemming.

The pet’nats are made by extracting colour and aromas during maceration before being lightly pressed and undergoing first fermentation in steel tank. Filtration, added sulphur or the use of chemistry of any kind are a no-go, and second fermentation takes place in the bottle without added sugar.

Cantina Furlani makes natural wines that are both straightforward as well as distinctive. The pet’nats are pure, precise and supple while shining with a cool, discreet and precise expression that makes them very pleasant to drink.

Products from Cantina Furlani