In early 2020, Sonia Gambino moved from Milan to Sicily – specifically to the village of Maletto on the slopes of Mount Etna – to make wine. Sonia’s family originally comes from Sicily giving Sonia a natural relationship with the island and the relatively unknown and isolated town on the volcano.

Sonia’s grandfather was the owner of the village’s Palmento – a sort of precursor to the Cantina Sociale – which turned the farmers’ grapes into wine after harvest. 40 years later, history repeats itself as a new cellar has now been born. Gustinella’s wines are mountain wines made from local and almost unknown grape varieties located 1000-1200 meters above sea level. The work in the cellar and the vineyards is done completely by hand with the utmost respect for the grapes and without any additives whatsoever.

The vineyards are over 100 years old and the combination of Etna’s volcanic soil and the South Italian heat result in light and delicate wines, which are at the same time rich in flavour and complexity.

Products from Gustinella