Domaine Bobinet


Sébastien Bobinet made his first vintage in 2002 after inheriting just under two hectares of vineyards with old vines from his grandfather in Saumur. Sébastien has gradually rented more vineyards while also purchasing grapes, so that today Domaine Bobinet cultivates about 6.5 hectares and buys grapes from another six.

Sébastien’s partner Eméline Calvez joined the domaine in 2011, and since 2014 they have distributed the work between them making Sébastien responsible for the vineyards and Eméline responsible the work in the cellar. Speaking of the cellar Domaine Bobinet is in possession of an impressive one from the 17th century, carved deep into Saumur’s limestone soil. The couple works primarily with Cabernet Franc but is also gradually cultivating more and more Chenin Blanc. All cuvées undergo spontaneous fermentation and are only added a minimal amount of sulphur when bottled.

Products from Domaine Bobinet