Laherte Frères


Jean-Baptiste Laherte started the family-owned domaine as far back as 1889, when he planted the first vines in Chavot just outside Épernay in Marne. The sixth generation Laherte Frères (the Laherte brothers), Thierry and Christian, assist Aurélien Laherte of the seventh generation to continue the traditions and to get the most out of the terroir.

The domaine extends over 11 hectares and about 75 plots distributed among ten villages in the Coteaux Sud d’Epernay, Côte des Blancs and Vallée de la Marne, where some of the vines are over 70 years old. The terroir varies a good deal, but generally consists of limestone, which is essential to give finesse to the champagnes. The work in the vineyard is carried out both organically and biodynamically, even though the wines are not certified. In addition, Aurélien also buys grapes from like-minded farmers.

In the cellar, the all-important goal is to make wines that are alive. The grapes are harvested when they have reached full maturity and are then pressed directly, after which the vinification follows a simple path that is helped along by gravity, spontaneous fermentation and a bit of stirring. The wines are racked once or twice before being bottled, and either no dosage is used or only in tiny amounts to allow the champagnes to express themselves in the best possible way.

Laherte Frères makes pure, authentic and complex champagnes, which offer both expressive minerality from the Côte de Blancs and robust fruitiness from the Marne Valley.

Products from Laherte Frères