Domaine Bernard-Bonin


Véronique Bonin and Nicolas Bernard make extremely serious and terroir-driven white Burgundies from their seven acres primarily located in Meursault, but also with small vineyards in Puligny. Domaine Bernard-Bonin was founded when the couple took over the domaine Michelot Mère et Fille from Véronique’s family in 1999.

The work in the vineyards is carried out extremely carefully and the vinification is free of oenological shenanigans. That means no cultured yeast, enzymes, chaptalization, fining or filtration. A minimal addition of sulphur is permitted, however, and they primarily use old barrels. Harvest is done early to preserve freshness and acidity, and the couple believes that the full-bodied and buttery style often associated with Meursault is a modern invention produced in the cellar, rather than an inherent quality of the terroir. Instead, Domaine Bernard-Bonin seeks to produce wines characterized by minerality, precision and an almost weightless quality, but without compromising when it comes to concentration and complexity.

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