Christopher Barth


Christopher Barth did not plan on working with wine. But when his uncle died quite unexpectedly somebody had to take over the vineyard, so Chris quit his job in IT, started wine school in Geisenhiem and became a winemaker. One of the first initiatives he implemented was converting the entire production to ecology.

Chris is fortunate enough to have a fantastic terroir to work with as the soil is of volcanic origin (Melaphyr) located at an altitude of 300 meters providing plenty of freshness and underlying minerality. Chris continues to make a series of wines with a classic German profile, but the wines that convinced us of the vineyard’s great potential are his “Handwerk” series, which are bottled without prior filtration and with an absolutely minimal addition of sulphur if necessary at all. Christopher Barth makes wines characterized by their high acidity, freshness, great precision, and expressive aromas. For quite a young and relatively unknown winemaker, it has been an impressive debut that bodes really well for future vintages.

Products from Christopher Barth