Frantz Saumon


When Frantz Saumon was young, he worked as a forest worker in Quebec for a few years before returning to France in the early 1990s. In 2001, he acquired three hectares of vineyards in Montlouis-sur-Loire and today the domain has grown to include approximately six hectares of vineyards supplemented by purchased grapes from another three to four hectares.

The vineyard work is impeccable and in the cellar the approach is hands-off. No cultured yeast, fining or filtration, just as sulphur is only added in very small amounts before bottling if necessary at all. Frantz Saumon produces a wide range of uncomplicated but precise and refreshing wines with low alcohol along with lots of acidity and freshness. He also has a flair for producing really good and easily drinkable pétillant naturels.

Products from Frantz Saumon