Azienda Agricola D'Arcy


New Zealand-born Tom Myers is the man behind D’Arcy, who over the past 10 years has built an impressive CV in the wine world, to say the least. Tom has no formal wine education, but his many years of practical experience and burning desire to understand even the smallest details make him one of the most thoughtful and knowledgeable winemakers we know. Tom has been a friend for many years and for all that time it has been perfectly clear that the day he would start his own project, we would be ready to follow and support it.

He has worked for a multitude of producers in New Zealand, Australia, Burgundy, Jura, Moselle, Rhône, Tuscany and Piedmont including Benjamin Leroux, Alain Graillot, d’Angerville, Comte Armand, Dr. Loosen and Giuseppe Rinaldi among others. However, Piedmont has always been the reference point for Tom – the place where he has been based since 2013 and where he has been looking for vineyards to start his own project. In 2020, D’Arcy was founded when Tom was given the opportunity to rent a plot of land at the Barolo Cru Preda, which he has full control over and cultivates with an extreme focus on detail. He also buys grapes from Ronchi in Barbaresco, among others, which he declassifies and uses for his Langhe Nebbiolo.

Of course, Tom is still curious and searching, but at the same time he is firm in his belief and sticks to his opinions. He respects tradition, but constantly questions dogma wherever he sees potential to create greater clarity and precision in his wines. The many stays in Burgundy clearly shine through in his approach. He does not try to make small Burgundy copies, but he handles the fruit gently and precisely, which is common practice for most top producers in Burgundy, but hardly rooted in the traditions of Piedmont. Tom also works with macerations that are relatively short for Piedmont in open tanks and a not insignificant number of whole bunches for both his Dolcetto and his Barolo.

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