Laurent Cazottes


Let us just say it straight away. We have never met a producer who makes better distillates than Laurent Cazottes! Laurent is absolutely uncompromising and is willing to complicate his own work to the extreme if it can improve the quality of his products in any way. He makes liquor and eaux-de-vies from a wide variety of fruits, flowers, and nuts, including pears, wild quinces, plums, cherries, tomatoes, walnuts, old kinds of grain and local forgotten grape varieties such as Mauzac, Prunelart and Folle Noire.

Laurent Cazottes is certified organic and has a firm focus on biodiversity based on the understanding that the quality of his distillates first and foremost comes from the quality of his raw materials. But Laurent and his staff also go through extremely time-consuming work by removing all stems, stones, and kernels by hand, so that all distillates are made exclusively from 100% pulp and skin. The result is unquestionably the most pure, elegant, and very expressive distillates that we have ever tasted. Forget about eau-de-vie making your throat sore while punching a hole in your stomach. The distillates offer complexity and finesse making you almost forget that you are drinking liquor.

Products from Laurent Cazottes