2021 Vino Bianco Susanna
A bottle 2021 Vino Bianco Susanna White wine from Gazzetta, Lazio in Italy

Product type

White wine





Grape Variety

Ansonica, Malvasia Toscana, Trebbiano


0.75 l



190,00 DKK



Azienda Agricola Gazzetta has been founded by Australian Patricia Nelson, who previously worked for Le Coste and Cantina Giardino. She was also previously one half of Azienda Agricola Ajola in Orvieto in collaboration with Jacopo Battista.

However, Patricia has started her very own project with Gazzetta, which is located in the hills above Lago di Bolsena in northern Lazio. Here she cultivates two hectares of old vines on volcanic soil in a cool climate that makes it possible to make very refreshing wines with relatively low alcohol. Patricia’s vineyard work is extremely conscientious and in her very simple cellar, work is done completely without any additives, including sulphur, and no fining or filtering before bottling.

These are charming, rustic and easy-drinking wines, but the basis of the project is more than just making wine. Patricia wants to build a farm that both practically and culturally provides an alternative to industrial agriculture and the way of life that comes with it. In her own words, her wines are “vini contadini”, as they have always been drunk among farmers who cultivated their own vineyards with conscience and respect.

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