Momento Mori
2021 Fistful of Flowers
A bottle 2021 Fistful of Flowers Orange wine from Momento Mori, Victoria in

Product type

Orange wine



Grape Variety

Moscato, Vermentino


0.75 l


Momento Mori

230,00 DKK

Momento Mori


New Zealander Dane Johns is the man behind Momento Mori, who makes wines in Gippsland, Victoria. The ambition is simple: To make wines with integrity that he wants to drink himself. The first vintage was 2013, and since then, Dane has in record time created a reputation that has made his wines some of the most sought-after in their category.

The grapes come from small plots scattered across Victoria, and Dane only works with farmers who fully share his views on biodiversity and sustainable work in the vineyard. In the cellar, he works extremely carefully and patiently with small cuvées, slow fermentations without any kind of additions, no use of pumps, no casks, no fining or filtration and absolutely no added sulphur during the whole process. Dane believes that the addition of sulphur, even in very small amounts, is completely unnecessary if you have done your vineyard work properly and take your time in the cellar.

The result is unmistakable. The wines of Momento Mori are vibrant, full of life and aromatic complexity while always exhibiting an impressive purity and precision.

Dane Johns has also started an immensely ambitious project making wine from his own vineyards under the name Nikau Farm.

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