Domaine Ratapoil
2020 Ratapoil Blanc (Green label)
A bottle 2020 Ratapoil Blanc (Green label) White wine from Domaine Ratapoil, Jura in France

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Domaine Ratapoil

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Domaine Ratapoil


Next to his job as a history and geography teacher, Raphaël Monnier bought his own plots in 2009. Since the domaine needed a name, he chose to call it Ratapoil, which in Arbois is slang for an amateur winemaker. Today, Raphaël Monnier – now working full time and with the help of Marie Bourdon – makes some of the most iconic wines from the region from historic local varieties such as Trousseau, Poulsard, Gamay, Gueuche, Petit Béclan, Mézy and Savagnin.

Domaine Ratapoil’s vineyards have been organically cultivated since the start and today no pesticides, chemicals or synthetic products are used. The harvest is done by hand, and Raphaël sees the work in the vineyard as more important than the work in the cellar, as a living soil, biodiversity and healthy vegetation are all essential for making good wine.

Only natural yeasts are used in the fermentation, and Raphäel does not fine or filter the wine, just as sulphur is very rarely added and only if absolutely necessary. The red wines are made using semi-carbonique macération. Domaine Ratapoil’s wines are remarkably vibrant expressing the terroir of Arbois while letting the minerality, fruit and textures of the old grape varieties shine through.

Raphaël Monnier also produces wine from purchased grapes, which are sold under the name of Avis de Tempête.

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