Az. Agr. Farnea di Marco Buratti
2020 Proganega
A bottle 2020 Proganega Orange wine from Az. Agr. Farnea di Marco Buratti, Veneto in Italy

Product type

Orange wine





Grape Variety

Garganega, Procanico


0.75 l


Az. Agr. Farnea di Marco Buratti

200,00 DKK

Az. Agr. Farnea di Marco Buratti


Marco Buratti is the man behind Azienda Agricola Farnea, which consists of approximately two hectares of vineyards and three hectares of forest in the Colli Euganei National Park southwest of Padua. Marco began clearing the forest area to plant vineyards in 2003, which have been cultivated completely without the use of chemicals from the beginning. The first vintage was 2007, and the wines are made under very modest conditions without temperature control, cultured yeast, fining, filtration or added sulphur.

Marco’s wines are wild, untamed and extremely aromatic and charming. If you want “great” wine that you can meditate to throughout the evening from your very largest Burgundy glass, you will have to look somewhere else. This is not wine that is made to give food for thought, but rather to offer high drinkability as well as pure and immediate drinking pleasure.

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