2020 Ograde
A bottle 2020 Ograde Orange wine from Skerk, Friuli in Italy

Product type

Orange wine





Grape Variety

Malvasia, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Vitovska


0.75 l



320,00 DKK



Since 2000, Sandi Skerk has been making traditional wines in the Carso region by following the same principles that his grandfather’s generation used. The Skerk winery is located 500 meters from the Slovenian border in an area where the climate is greatly affected by the strong winds blowing in from the Gulf of Trieste. The vineyards are cultivated with great care and in the cellar, Sandi allows all his white wines to macerate for about two weeks in large open wooden barrels after being 100% destemmed.

The wines are subsequently aged for approximately 12-18 months in large Slovenian oak barrels before being bottled without prior fining or filtration. No sulphur is added during vinification, but only in very small doses by bottling if deemed necessary for the vintage. The result is a range of highly aromatic and structured wines that exhibit enormous precision, purity and minerality.

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